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Here's What Community Members Are Saying About Shukri Olow


“I’m proud to endorse Shukri Olow for King County Council, District 5. Shukri believes in community power and to center those who have been historically and presently marginalized in politics and policies. She will bring that perspective and lived experience to County Council.
The residents of District 5 have an opportunity to support a historic candidate, a Black Muslim woman, a mother to serve a community that has given her so much. It is time and I’m excited to stand with her.”

T'wina Nobles, Senator, 28th Legislative District

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"As a Tukwila City Councilmember and a resident of the City of Tukwila for the past 25 years, I am proud to support Shukri Olow for King County Council District 5! She is exactly the type of candidate we need in office. Shukri is someone who is willing to actively listen and hear the issues of community. She is not a politician but a public servant.

She is also running for the right reasons. She is running because she cares about South King County, she cares about a community that has given her so much. She is compelled to run even while finishing a doctorate, raising children, and working full-time. That is dedication that reminds me of my own journey when I began my public service 16 years ago. We need her leadership and we are better for it."

Verna Seal, Tukwila City Councilmember

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“Shukri Olow is a voice for families in our community. I am proud to support her candidacy for the King County Council. Shukri is smart, relational, a hard worker, and will listen deeply to her constituents. With Shukri in public office, our communities will be more equitable, healthier and stronger."

Jon Gould, Child and Family Advocate

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“As an educator and an active member of the community, residing in Kent, WA, I want to personally recognize and endorse the candidacy of Shukri Olow for King County District 5. For the past 14 years, she has continuously shown her dedication to the community and for the young people in the King County area. I believe her passion and keenness about creating a pipeline for young people and their families to have access to opportunities and gain exposures to new experiences makes her the ideal candidate.
Thus, I fully support this campaign. Shukri will make sure all voices are heard, and will speak for the people in making decisions that will impact King County as a community. Shukri is committed to her work and creating changes for the people. I am fully invested in Shukri’s visions and hopes for the future and I am using my voice to say she has my full support in running for King County District 5."

Vy Tran, Educator, Youth Organizer