Housing Priorities

COVID-19 has created added economic strain on several individuals and families in our area. Residents in nearly every community in the county face an unprecedented challenge in finding and keeping homes they can afford. Far too many of our community members are unable to pay rent. Over 25,000 households expressed a need for rental assistance, according to data from the King County Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program. 

Furthermore, several of our community members face displacement as housing in their familiar neighborhoods becomes increasingly unaffordable.

As someone who grew up in public housing, housing is a critical priority for Shukri.  

  • Shukri will work to provide longer-term stability to renters and advocate for legislation that will make housing in District 5 more affordable for residents while identifying ways to support our homeless and low-income populations better. She will also advocate for legislation to decrease the displacement faced by our most vulnerable communities. 

  • In addition to King County's recent Health through Housing proposal, which will support those deemed “chronically homeless,” Shukri will advocate for continued and expanded support to assist low-income families, seniors, and property owners.

  • Shukri will also advocate for housing diversification and affordable homes placed in proximity to workplaces and transit services. 

  • Lastly, Shukri will support nonprofit housing providers and landlords in their efforts to provide COVID-19 related resident services, such as wellness checkups or keeping tenants aware of public health protocols, staff availability, and availability of services onsite or nearby.