Legal Justice Reform

Our current legal system has a great deal of room for improvement at every level of government, including here in King County. Nationally, our legal system has shown disproportionate incarceration rates amongst our BIPOC communities who experience higher numbers of interaction with law inforcement, as well as increasing hate crimes outside of our legal system and microaggressions within our legal system.

Many places, both in and out of the United States have had success with policies such as community oversight commissions, community-based solutions to incarceration that address the root causes of issues, alternatives to cash bail, and investing in restorative justice programs as an alternative to traditional punitive approaches.

Lastly, we do not need to expand our prison system, and that includes expanding juvenile detention centers. We must provide increased transparency to our communities by ensuring all county legal justice programs provide regular reports including success and failure metrics as well as detailed line-item budgets.

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